FasterPay for Wix

FasterPay partners with Wix to allow merchants anywhere in the world to accept payments


  • In order to use the Wix FasterPay app, you need to have an active Wix account. If you do not have one, please create an account.
  • You’ll also need a FasterPay account. You can register here: FasterPay Sign-Up

Please check the title FasterPay for Wix on the sign-up page before you register.

FasterPay for Wix sign-up

Step 1: Set up your shop

You can start setting up your shop using the instructions from Wix’s getting started tutorial.

Step 2: Connect the FasterPay app for Wix

  • Select the site where you want to use FasterPay as a payment gateway
  • Go to Settings → eCommerce & Finance → Accept Payments
Install FasterPay App
  • Scroll down and click “See More Payment Options”
Install FasterPay App
  • Find FasterPay and click “Connect”
Connect FasterPay App

Step 3: Configure the FasterPay app

Configure your FasterPay account

  • Log in to your FasterPay account.
  • Go to FasterPay Processing → Integration
  • In the Integration Type dropdown select “Wix integration secret”
  • Click “Save settings”
FasterPay - Test mode

Set Live mode pingback URL to

Configure the FasterPay app in Wix system

  • Copy and paste the “Public Key” and “Wix integration secret” values into the corresponding fields in your Wix FasterPay app configuration.
Configure FasterPay App

Step 4: Let’s Go Live!

Once you’ve completed the setup - it’s time to go live with FasterPay!

Complete your Business Account Settings

  • Log in to your FasterPay account
  • Go to FasterPay Processing
  • Go to Overview
  • Fill in your Business profile

Once your Business profile is approved by our Internal Teams, you will see the following banner on your FasterPay Business Area.

FasterPay Account Active screen