How to integrate the WHMCS plugin

Fully monetize all of your Hosting and Saas products with a single integration with the WHMCS plugin.

How to set up the WHMCS FasterPay module for FasterPay Business

  1. Download the WHMCS module here.
  2. Upload all files from src directory to your WHMCS root folder using an FTP client of your choice.
    FasterPay WHMCS module screen
  3. Import sql/fasterpay.sql into your WHMCS database from sql directory of the plugin. This step is necessary in order to support pingbacks for refunds.

  4. Under https://[domainname].com/[admin-folder], select Setup then click Payment, then Payment Gateways and choose FasterPay in the dropdown menu.
    FasterPay WHMCS payment gateways screen
  5. Fill in all the required fields and click Activate to save the details.
    FasterPay WHMCS manage existing gateways screen

Find the Private Key and Public Key in the Integration > API Configuration which is accessible on the FasterPay Business dashboard.

If the Success URL is not configured in the WHMCS Config, by default the user will be redirected to https://[domainname]/cart.php?a=complete

Which versions of WHMCS does FasterPay support?

FasterPay supports WHMCS versions 5, 6 and 7.

WHMCS Pingback Configuration

How can the WHMCS receive Pingbacks?

For the WHMCS Plugin to be able to receive pingbacks from FasterPay, a pingback url is to be configured in the Business Model Settings of the FasterPay Business dashboard.

What format should a WHMCS pingback follow?

A Pingback URL for WHMCS plugin uses the following format: http[s]://[domainname]/modules/gateways/callback/fasterpay.php