Integrate the FasterPay Pay Button

The Pay Button is the simplest way to integrate FasterPay as a payment option, as coding is not required.


To integrate the Pay Button you will need your API keys which you can find in your the Integration tab of your FasterPay Business account. If you don’t have a FasterPay Business account yet, you can sign up for one.

How to integrate the FasterPay Pay Button

You can integrate the FasterPay Pay Button by following the 5 steps below.

Step 1: Generate your button

Step 2: Get your button code

  <script src=""
    description="Your Product Name"

Learn more about parameters in our API Reference.

Step 3: Paste the code into your website HTML

Copy and paste the generated code into wherever you like the Pay Button to be using your HTML editor. We recommend for all of FasterPay Business account holders to preview the Pay Button before going live. The size and position are easily adjustable, but if you are looking for a custom button you can speak with your development team or conduct an integration using the Checkout Page.

Pay Button integration does not require hash parameter to be sent in the API request.
In case the FasterPay Payment page responds with Wrong Hash please email to disable Hash param.

Step 4: Test

Once implementation is complete, go ahead and test the Pay Button using the Test Credit Card numbers available in the FasterPay Business Test Mode.

Step 5: Go Live

If you’re happy after testing the Pay Button out all you need to do is complete your Business Profile and Go Live!

Step 6: Publish your updated HTML

Once you’re all set - publish the changes and let the payments roll in!