Scheduled Withdrawals

In this busy world merchants don’t have time and energy to withdraw their money frequently and FasterPay will now help them setup these auto withdrawals so that they don’t have to login to withdraw. Recurrence would be based on Day, Week and Month.

How to set up an auto-withdrawal in your FasterPay Business account

View Auto Withdrawal Setups

Login your FasterPay Business Account and navigate to Balances and Withdrawals section. You will now see the Auto Withdrawal separated by Past Withdrawal.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Create Auto Withdrawal Setups

By clicking on the Withdrawal button, merchant would be shown a withdrawal form to select the amount and bank account to deposit to.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Enable or Disable Auto Withdrawal

In the new Withdrawal setup, merchant can toggle the Auto Withdrawal switch to create the withdrawal setup.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Weekly Recurrence

Merchants can choose from the range of options for the recurrence and Weekly is one of them where the scheduled would run every week on the desired day selected.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Monthly Recurrence

If merchant chooses the Monthly setup, the schedule would run once every month on the date of the month selected.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Run Time

Merchants can go to a next level of setting the run time on when the schedule need to run. They can choose from the range of option in the 24h.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Withdraw Everything

Merchants can either withdraw all the amount they have or choose a custom amount. When the option is choose to withdraw everything. All the amount in the balance would withdraw.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Withdraw Custom Amount

Merchant can also choose an option to withdraw custom amount so only the particular amount would be withdrawn at the particular recurrence.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen

Manage Auto Withdrawal Setups

Merchant can also modify, deactivate or delete the setups created. When deactivated the server will not run until it’s manually activated again.

FasterPay scheduled-withdrawal screen