FasterPay supports full and partial refunds for all transactions. Feel free to check out the refund pricing here.

How to Initiate Refunds

Initiating a refund is simple to do through your FasterPay Business area. Just follow the steps below.

1. Go to your FasterPay Business Area.
2. Click on the Transactions tab in the sidebar.
3. Here you will find your transaction history. Use the exact transaction ID, user ID or product name to filter the results and find the transaction you wish to refund.
FasterPay refund confirm screen
4. Once you find the transaction, click the Refund option in the last column of the table.
5. Enter the amount to be refunded into the pop-up box.
FasterPay refund transaction screen
6. Click Ok to initiate the refund request.
7. The refund will be issued in 3 to 5 working day.